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Mold lawsuit settlements south carolina

The township and the Sulivans — who settled in October with a million dollar payment — will pay more than a half-million dollars into the court-monitored fund. Gloucester County will pay 20.

In a lawsuit in Delaware, a jury awarded two women just over $1 million when their landlord neglected to fix the leaks they reported, causing mold, which in turn caused health.

Horton case. Horton in the Court of Common Pleas for Horry County, South Carolina under Civil Action Number 2018-CP-26-01728 (“the State Court Action”). 5. Pulte Homes 19. 373-378..

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The couples allege the landlord made ineffectual efforts to address the mold but failed to address the root of the problem. The lawsuit was filed in September, 2020, and originally included another.

Settlement amounts for toxic mold claims vary quite a bit and depend on the seriousness of injuries, the amount of property damage sustained, and other factors. And the compensati.

Settlement for $500,000 on behalf of a San Diego County family who rented an apartment from a large apartment company and was exposed to toxic mold over several years. 2 family members suffered asthma, and 3 suffered allergies as a result. San Diego mold attorney Jeff LaFave filed suit in Superior Court and settled the case at mediation.

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